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Poster for the Observance of LGBTQ+ Veterans

HIV is a viral disease which affects the immune system, and causes AIDS. In 1981, the HIV/AIDS epidemic hit the United States, disproportionately affecting the LGBTQ+ community. LGBTQ+ veterans, who were equally sickened by the disease, used their military service to appeal to the country’s politicians and medical researchers to support the search for a cure. This poster advertises a memorial for LGBTQ+ service members, specifically pointing to the need to ensure their safety and equal rights within the United States. The pink triangle refers to the persecution of LGBTQ+ individuals by the Nazi regime during the Holocaust.

Source | "Veterans Observance We Remember." 1987. lithograph, 56x45cm. ONE Archives LGBTQ+ poster collection (Coll2018-001).
Rights | Courtesy of the University of Southern California Library.
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