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About SHEC

Created by the American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning at The Graduate Center, City University of New York, Social Hitory for Every Classroom (SHEC) is a database of primary documents, classroom activities, and other teaching materials in U.S. history. SHEC (formally HERB) reflects ASHP/CML's mission of making the past, and the working people and ordinary Americans who shaped it, vivid and meaningful.

Since 1989, educators at ASHP/CML have worked with K-12 and college instructors in professional development seminars in New York City and around the country. Over the years, we have developed an extensive archive of primary documents, teaching strategies, and other resources that look at how ordinary people both influenced and were influenced by the nation's economic and political transformations. We created SHEC to share these resources with a wider public. We hope teachers, students, and those who love to learn about the past will use SHEC to improve their understanding and teaching of United States history.

We have edited almost all of SHEC's documents to make them more classroom-friendly; in some cases, there are versions that are even shorter (titled "short version.") If a complete version of a document is available elsewhere online, we have indicated the URL in the source field. If a document has added vocabulary, questions, or other interventions to support student reading and analysis, it is titled "with text supports" and also has the tag "Reading Supports." In addition, you can copy and paste content from any of SHEC's PDF files into a new document in order to customize it further for your students.

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Terms of Use

SHEC is an initiative of the American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning (City University of New York) supporting teaching and research in history and other humanities disciplines. The materials on this site are made publicly available for research, teaching, and personal study only.

Items may be protected by the U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17,U.S.C.). Usage of some items may also be subject to additional restrictions imposed by the copyright owner and/or the producing institution.

By their use of these digital images, texts, audio and video recordings, users agree to follow these terms of use:

  • For purposes of research and teaching users may reproduce materials (print or download), in accordance with fair use, without prior permission, on the condition they give proper credit to the collection-owning repository.
  • Materials may not be used for any commercial purpose without prior written permission from the copyright owner.
  • Materials may not be re-published in print or electronic form without prior written permission from the copyright owner.
  • Materials may not be mounted or stored on an additional server for public use, or for use by a set of subscribers without prior written permission from the copyright owner

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Non-Commercial Use¨(Creative Commons Attribution”Non-Commercial)

Materials on this site may be used without permission for educational, non-commercial purposes, such as classroom distribution, student reports, etc. 

We invite you to use any content that is credited to the American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning, free of charge, for any nonprofit or educational purpose. However, credit should be given as follows: American Social History Project/Center for Media Learning (

Commercial Publishing Use

Content created by ASHP/CML may not be downloaded, stored, copied, distributed, or otherwise used for a commercial purpose without the prior written consent of the American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning.

Many of the photographs, artworks, and texts on this website have been obtained from other sources or publishers not affiliated with ASHP/CML which may own a copyright or trademark for that work. ASHP/CML does not hold copyrights on any of the materials from other sources republished in SHEC; therefore we cannot grant permission to use these materials. In cases where the items are copyrighted and ASHP/CML received permission to use them, there will be a copyright or permissions statement including the copyright holder. In those instances, to obtain permission to reprint the materials, please contact the copyright holder listed.

If no such copyright holder is noted the item is most likely in the public domain, but we cannot guarantee that. It is the responsibility of the user to research the copyright status of the item.

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SHEC embodies more than twenty years of history education at American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning. Our documents, activities, and other resources were created collaboratively by ASHP/CML staff in dialogue with researchers, cultural partners, and the hundreds of teachers with whom we have worked in local and national professional development programs. While the credits indicate specific responsibilities, SHEC is based on the sharing of tasks and the merging of talents.

Created and Produced by: Leah Nahmias, Ellen Noonan, Leah Potter
Executive Producers: Ellen Noonan, Leah Potter
Contributing Staff: Andy Battle, Pennee Bender, Joshua Brown, Peter Mabli, Rachel Pitkin, Frank Poje, Donna Thompson Ray, Carli Snyder, Emily Uruchima, Anne Valk, Andrea Ades Vasquez, Isa Vasquez, Heather Wilson
Web Developer: Marco Battistella
Design: Andrea Ades Vasquez
Original Art: Joshua Brown
Research Assistants: Sean Griffin, Maceo June

Other Staff and Partners: Adesimba Bashir, Valentine Burr, Bret Eynon, Linda Ellman, Eliza Fabillar, Bill Friedheim, Carol Groneman, Michele James, Cynthia Jones, Landry Kouassi, Roberta Koza, Anne Lessy, Abigail Lewis, Madeleine Lopez, Jubilee Marshall, Eleanor Morley, Deborah Nasta, Patricia Oldham, Andre Pitanga, Hillina Seife, Bill Seto, John Spencer, Bill Tally, Fritz Umbach, Leonard Vogt

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