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"Tenement, New York City, 1910"

This photograph by Lewis Hine was taken in a New York City tenement in 1910. Hine was a documentary photographer who frequently turned his lens to the plight of immigrants, workers, and the poor. This family group, perhaps among the approximately two and a half million Italians who arrived in New York in the years 1890-1910, lives in squalid and cramped conditions typical of New York tenement buildings at the turn of the century.

Tenement, New York City, 1910
Source | Lewis W. Hine, "Tenement, New York City, 1910," black and white photograph, 1910; in Walter Rosenblum et al., America & Lewis W. Hine: Photographs 1904-1940 (New York: The Brooklyn Museum with Aperture, 1977).
Creator | Lewis W. Hine
Item Type | Photograph
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