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New York City Draft Riots Role Play worksheet

These worksheets help students prepare for role plays of black and Irish New Yorkers debating their actions during the New York City draft riots of 1863. The worksheets accompany the activity "The New York City Draft Riots: A Role Play."

"Meanings of Freedom": Voices of Freedpeople worksheet

This worksheet contains quotations from freedpeople talking about different aspects of their lives, including land ownership, education, family, the law, and klan violence. Students are asked to interpret the statements and rephrase them in their [...]

Matching Historical Understandings for Reconstruction worksheet

This worksheet helps students match primary source documents with three historical understandings for Reconstruction. It is used as a part of the activity "Create a Magic Lantern Show," but it can be used on its own to help students classify [...]

Forty Acres worksheet

This worksheet helps students analyze documents relating to the question of the redistribution of land at the end of the Civil War. The instructions and suggested documents for this activity can be found in "Forty Acres? The Question of Land at the [...]

Historical Marker worksheet

This worksheet provides a blank historical marker for students to fill in, explaining why the Civil War was fought, and space to explain their conclusions.

What This Cruel War Was Over Sources worksheet

Students can use this worksheet to analyze the documents used in the "What This Cruel War Was Over" activity.

Active Viewing Worksheet: Dr. Toer's Amazing Magic Lantern Show

This worksheet helps students take notes as they watch the Dr. Toer's documentary on the progress and problems experienced by freed slaves during Reconstruction.

Analysis Worksheet: "Gift for the Grangers"

This worksheet helps students analyze an 1873 poster promoting the Grange Movement, an organization of farmers founded in 1867.

Vocabulary for The Journal of Sean Sullivan

This is a basic vocabulary list to use with this book. There are other words and terms that your students may want to add in the space provided at the end.

Themes in The Journal of Sean Sullivan

This is a list of the book’s themes along with the related journal entries.

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