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Civil Rights Exhibit Design Ballot

This ballot was designed for students and teachers to evaluate exhibits created for the "Design an Exhibit for a Freedom Museum" activity.

Item Type: Worksheet
Representations and Realities of American Women in the War Effort

This slide show presentation examines the role of women in wartime, offering a selection of images that suggest the realities of women workers in the war effort as well as the ways American women were represented in propaganda images of the period. [...]

Item Type: Worksheet
New York City Draft Riots Role Play worksheet

These worksheets help students prepare for role plays of black and Irish New Yorkers debating their actions during the New York City draft riots of 1863. The worksheets accompany the activity "The New York City Draft Riots: A Role Play."

"Meanings of Freedom": Voices of Freedpeople worksheet

This worksheet contains quotations from freedpeople talking about different aspects of their lives, including land ownership, education, family, the law, and klan violence. Students are asked to interpret the statements and rephrase them in their [...]

The Poetry of Chinese Immigration worksheet

This worksheet helps student analyze poems by Chinese immigrants.

Item Type: Worksheet
Chinatown Walking Tour worksheet

This worksheet helps students analyze documents and plan a walking tour of San Francisco's Chinatown. This activity goes with the teaching activity "Create a Walking Tour of Chinatown." The worksheet should be copied front and back and folded in [...]

Item Type: Worksheet
Decoding Iran-Contra worksheet

This worksheet helps students analyze primary source documents from the Iran-Contra Affair. It is designed for the activity "Decoding U.S. Foreign Policy: The Iran-Contra Affair." For the activity, students will need two copies of the worksheet.

Strategies for Change worksheet

This worksheet helps students prepare for a role play debate about what strategy African Americans should pursue towards full equality in the twentieth century. The instructions for this activity can be found in the activity "Debate: How Should [...]

Item Type: Worksheet
Great Migration Scrapbook worksheet

This worksheet helps students plan a character and takes notes on primary sources for the activity "Create a Migrant's Scrapbook from the First Great Migration."

Item Type: Worksheet
What's In a Phrase? worksheet

This worksheet helps students analyze a Chinese-English phrasebook by matching phrases to specific historical understandings. This worksheet accompanies the activity "What's In a Phrase? Finding Historical Understandings in an Immigrant Guidebook." [...]

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