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Understanding the Five Points Census Database worksheet

This worksheet is designed to help students organize and understand the data retrieved from the 1855 Census Database.

Acts of Resistance Journal Writing worksheet

This worksheet helps students plan and write a journal entry from the perspective of an enslaved person describing how they might resist slavery. This worksheet accompanies the activity "Slavery: Acts of Resistance."

Item Type: Worksheet
Focus Question Worksheet: Running for Freedom

This worksheet helps students analyze two documents to understand the role of runaway slaves in the intensifying conflicts over slavery in the 1850s. This worksheet contains vocabulary and other reading supports. It is part of the activity [...]

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Telling the Whole Story Worksheets

These worksheets help students gather evidence from the Five Points census database. Students then compare their data with prevailing 19th century stereotypes of Irish immigrants and conclude whether or not they were accurate. These worksheets are [...]

Item Type: Worksheet
Explanation of 1855 Census Categories

This worksheet explains the different categories and terminology that census recorders used in the 1855 census of the Five Points neighborhood. This worksheet may help students in the activity Understanding the 1855 Census Database and Telling [...]

Item Type: Worksheet
Reformers versus Residents Scene Assessment worksheet

This worksheet assists students and teachers in assessing the historical understanding demonstrated in the "Reformers versus Residents in the Five Points" Role Play activity.

Analysis Worksheet: Runaway Slave Advertisement from Antebellum Virginia

This worksheet helps students analyze an antebellum runaway slave advertisement.

Item Type: Worksheet
Abolitionist Strategies Worksheet

This worksheet helps students to consider and debate three different strategies available to abolitionists in the 1850s as they worked to end slavery.

Item Type: Worksheet
Analysis Worksheet: Boston Abolitionists Warn of Slave Catchers

This worksheet helps students to analyze a poster about the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850.

Lessons in Looking: The Lowell Offering Worksheet

This worksheet helps students to analyze and interpret the meaning of an image that appeared on the cover of The Lowell Offering in 1845. The Lowell Offering was a monthly magazine written by the young women who worked in the Lowell textile mills [...]

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