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"Song of the Coats"

Support for the communist Viet Cong was strong among many ordinary South Vietnamese people. This song describes one way civilians on the homefront supported V.C. against U.S.-led forces during the Vietnam War. The song was collected and published by an American record company dedicated to sharing songs and speeches from liberation movements abroad and radical activism at home.

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(Translated from Vietnamese)

Brothers, brave the rain and sun,
Heat of day and cold of night;
Coats we sew for everyone
Help to warm your will to fight!
Brothers risking death each day,
As winter hurriers on its way,
Oh know that we will do our best.
Faster, sisters, take no rest!

In the forest, dark and green,
Like a stream of silk our vengeance runs,
Little speedy sewing machines
Move as one with distant guns.
Oh my fingers, nimbly sew,
That our fighters warmly may go.
All of us must do our best.
Flying fingers, take no rest.

Winter is here, the coats are done.
One to warm each fighting girl and boy.
We've sewn our love in every one,
Filling them with courage, hope and joy.
Early to the front they'll fly,
Still while we hold them in our hands,
With every coat we pledge our lives,
To drive the invaders from our land.

Early to the front they'll go,
Still, while we hold the coats in our hands,
We pray the sun
Soon will rise on free Vietnam.

Source | Xuan Hong, "Song of the Coats," sound recording, Vietnam Will Win! (Paredon Records, 1971).
Creator | Xuan Hong
Item Type | Music/Song
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