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Plan of Delano

Co-authored by C├ęsar Chavez and Dolores Huerta, with help from playwright Luis Valdez, the "Plan de Delano" outlined the beliefs and vision of the United Farmworkers of America (UFWA), founded in 1965. The UFWA, whose headquarters were in Delano, California, organized a farmworkers strike and boycott against grape growers that lasted from 1965-1970.

1. This is the beginning of a social movement in fact and not in pronouncements. We seek our basic, God-given rights as human beings. Because we have suffered--and are not afraid to suffer--in order to survive. We are ready to give up everything, even our lives in our fight for social justice. We shall do it without violence because that is our destiny. To the ranchers, and to all those who oppose us, we say, in the words of Benito Juarez, “EL RESPETO AL DERECHO AJENO ES LA PAZ.” Respect for others brings peace.

2. We seek the support of all political groups and protection of the government, which is also our government, in our struggle. . . . To the politicians we say that the years are gone when the farm worker said nothing and did nothing to help himself. . . . WE SHALL BE HEARD.

3. We seek, and have, the support of the Church in what we do. At the head of the Pilgrimage we carry La Virgen de la Guadalupe (the Virgin of Guadalupe) because she is ours, Patroness of the Mexican people. . . .

4. We are suffering. We have suffered, and we are not afraid to suffer to win our cause. . . .

5. We shall unite. . .. We must use the only strength that we have, the force of our numbers. The ranchers are few; we are many. UNITED WE SHALL STAND.

6. We will strike. . . . Our revolution will not be armed, but we want the existing social order to dissolve; we want a new social order. . . . We do not want the paternalism of the rancher, we do not want the contractor; we do not want charity at the price of our dignity. We want to be equal with all the working men in the nation; we want a just wage, better working conditions, a decent future for our children. To those who oppose us, be they ranchers, police, politicians, or speculators, we say that we are going to continue fighting until we die, or we win. WE SHALL OVERCOME. . . .


Source | César Chavez and Dolores Huerta, "Plan de Delano," El Malcriado, March 17, 1966.
Creator | César Chavez and Dolores Huerta
Item Type | Newspaper/Magazine
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