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A Bracero Is Disenchanted With the United States

Despite rumors that braceros would be sent off to fight in World War II, Manuel Sandoval Espino joined the bracero program in 1943. He recalls having to go to the local politician in order to get a pass to join. Mr. Sandoval worked in Kansas as a railroad worker. In this interview he describes some of the events that made him disillusioned with life in the United States. This interview was translated from the original Spanish. Mr. Sandoval repeats some offensive language that he heard others say in the United States.

Source | Violeta Domínguez, "Manuel Sandoval Espino," in Bracero History Archive, Item #130, (accessed 26 January 2010), translated by Tony Paulino.
Creator | Bracero History Archive
Interviewer | Violeta Dominguez
Interviewee | Manuel Sandoval Espino
Item Type | Oral History
Cite This document | Bracero History Archive, “A Bracero Is Disenchanted With the United States,” SHEC: Resources for Teachers, accessed September 23, 2023,

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