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CCC Boys Serve a Meal in California

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was established in 1933 and provided temporary work for three million young men, who lived in military-style camps, constructed recreation facilities, and carried out conservation projects under the direction of [...]

African-American CCCers Practice Radio Communications

In this 1933 photograph, young men study radio operations at a Civilian Conservation Corps camp for African-American men in Kane, Pennsylvania. After work hours, enrollees were encouraged to take educational and vocational classes that might help [...]

"Boys At Work, Prince George's County, Maryland"

This photograph is part of a series of iconic images of the Civilian Conservation Corps taken at an "experimental farm" in Beltsville, Maryland. The photographer, Carl Mydans (1907-2004), worked for the Farm Security Administration and, in 1936, [...]

Boys Line Up for Morning Inspection in CCC Barracks

This 1940 photograph was taken at a camp in Nebraska National Forest, near Halsey, Nebraska. Camp officers routinely inspected barracks in order to promote good hygiene and discipline among CCC enrollees. The typical day in the camp began with [...]

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