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The Supreme Court Declares that the Constitution Does Not Protect Women’s Right to Vote (with text supports)

Female suffragists were disappointed when the final language of the 15th Amendment did not specifically protect the right of women to vote. Some women activists opposed the amendment for this reason. Virginia Minor was one of those activists. [...]

The Supreme Courts Declares Women “Unfit for Civil Life”

In 1869, Myra Bradwell sought to join the Illinois bar so that she could practice law. She had already studied law and began publishing Chicago Legal News, a weekly newspaper about court cases and laws around the nation. Although she passed the [...]

Runaway Slave Laws in Border States, 1794-1846

Every southern state passed laws, sometimes called slave codes, to restrict the activities of African Americans and to prevent slave rebellions. White lawmakers in slave-holding border states, such as Maryland and Kentucky, were particularly [...]

Examples of U.S. Laws Requiring Racial Segregation (short version, with text supports)

From the 1880s to the mid 1960s, many states passed laws requiring the segregation [separation] of white and "colored" [African American] people. (African Americans were also referred to as Negroes at that time.) These laws ruled nearly all aspects [...]

Item Type: Laws/Court Cases
Regulating Guns in U.S. History

Throughout U.S. history, governments at the local, state, and federal level have passed laws regulating the ownership and use of guns. This chart provides examples of such laws over time.

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