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Complaints about African American Beach Resort (1912)

This newspaper article was published in the Los Angeles Times on June 27, 1912 after white landowners began harassing guests at Bruce’s Beach, an African American beach resort. Bruce's Beach originated when Mrs. Willa Bruce's purchased of a lot of [...]

A Labor Leader Rails Against Chinese Immigration (1878)

In this "Workingmen's Address," published in 1878, Dennis Kearney of the Workingman's Party of California appealed to racist arguments against Chinese immigrants. After excoriating the fraud, corruption, and monopolization of land by the "moneyed [...]

Jourdon Anderson Responds to his Former Enslaver (1865)

After the Civil War, many former enslavers in the South were desperate to not lose laborers and attempted to maintain control over formerly enslaved people. One such former enslaver, P.H. Anderson, contacted a formerly enslaved man named Jourdon [...]

Item Type: Diary/Letter
Construction of Freeway Displaces Black Detroiters (1959)

After World War II, local, state, and federal governments invested in building new highways, civic developments, housing, and other infrastructure. These urban renewal projects claimed to “revitalize” and “modernize” American cities by [...]

Charting the Changing Wealth of Americans (2021)

This 2021 graph, created by the United States Federal Reserve, depicts the changing wealth of American families from the 1980s-2010s. The Federal Reserve (also known as The Fed) monitors U.S. financial policies, manages the country's money supply, [...]

Margaret Bourke-White Exposes Economic Disparities (1937)

In January 1937, a historic flood of the Ohio River led to 350 deaths and forced nearly a million residents from their homes. Photographer Margaret Bourke-White travelled to Louisville, Kentucky to capture what happened in the aftermath. Louisville [...]

Redlining in Miami (1934)

The Federal Home Loan Bank Board created this map of Miami, Florida in 1934. This is a redlining map. Redlining refers to the practice of segregation of housing in which certain groups were denied mortgages, loans or insurance for housing based on [...]

"Whitey on the Moon" by Gil Scott-Heron (1970)

Gil Scott-Heron, a singer, poet, and author, wrote many spoken-word poems and songs about social, political, and economic issues in the United States. In this 1970 spoken-word poem, titled “Whitey on the Moon,” Scott-Heron commented on racial [...]

Item Type: Fiction/Poetry
A Tribal Chief Testifies in Favor of the Indian Child Welfare Act (1977)

Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, numerous Indigenous children were taken from their tribes and adopted by settler families. In the 1960s, more than twenty-five percent of Indigenous children lived in non-Native institutions and homes. Many of [...]

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