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A Utah Observer Praises the CCC

In this letter to a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) recruitment center in Salt Lake City, Utah, a local official describes the positive impact of the program on enrolled youth. The CCC, enacted during the first 100 days of Franklin D. Roosevelt's first administration, remained one of the most popular New Deal programs throughout the 1930s.

March 9, 1937


Mr. Glen D. Reese, For the Director of Selection

Civilian Conservation Corps

522 Newhouse Building

Salt Lake City, Utah

Dear Mr. Reese:

Of the dozens of boys selected for enrollment in the Civilian Conservation Corps during the past two years, I have had occasion to observe, rather closely, some of them both before enrollment and after, and feel that some very definite benefits have accrued, particularly to the individual enrollee. 

I have noted many who, prior to enrollment, have appeared to be suffering from malnutrition and upon return have come out much improved. In fact, they have taken on a manly appearance. It has also been interesting o note their change of attitude with respect to Government and various other problems. 

Their enrollment in the C.C.C.'s seemed to have impressed them with a sense of individual responsibility as many of the boys, after returning, have found private employment chiefly because of the training received in the C.C.C. camps....

Many of the allottees have been made independent of other types of relief and in many cases the amount going into their homes has made possible the rehabilitation of many families. 

As a general rule, comments from the outside have been very favorable. In fact, less criticism has come, concerning the activities of the Civilian Conservation Corps, to me than of any other Federal Emergency program.

Very truly yours,


By /s/ Nobel L. Chambers, Director

Source | Nobel L. Chambers, "Letter, Cache County Department of Public Welfare," 9 March 1937, National Archives and Records Administration.
Creator | Nobel L. Chamber
Item Type | Diary/Letter
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