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New York City Police Respond to the Draft Riots

This account, originally published as a series of articles for the New York Times, details the activities of police in the 6th precinct during the 1863 Draft Riots. The 6th precinct was in the northern part of the 6th Ward, home of New York's "Five Points" neighborhood.

Sixth Precinct.

This precinct, Capt. JOHN JOURDAN, No. 9 Franklin Street, had no little work to do. At 3 P. M. on Monday an attack was made by a large mob on premises of colored people at No. 42 Baxter Street. Capt. JOURDAN, with Sergeants WALSH and McGIVEN and the second platoon, were soon at the spot, and after a severe fight, in which the force was boldly opposed, the rioters were dispersed, many of them badly injured. Of the force, Roundsman RYAN was the only one hurt; he was knocked down and his club wrenched from him, but was at once on his feet again and in the thickest of the fray. Soon after, the Captain, with same officers and platoon, repaired to CROOK’S, No. 74 Chatham Street, which was being assailed by a mob. A charge was made unexpectedly upon the rascals, the locust liberally used, and a general scattering ensued. At 5 1/2 P. M. some three hundred men, women, and boys attacked the dwellings of colored people in Pell, near Mott, Street; with the same officers and force, the Captain repaired thither, charged upon and routed the assailants. In this cowardly attack by the rioters, Elizabeth Hennesy, a colored woman, 57 years of age, was struck and severely injured by a brick; she was rescued by the police, and conveyed to the City Hospital.

Source | David M. Barnes, The Draft Riots in New York, July, 1863: The Metropolitan Police, Their Services During Riot Week, Their Honorable Record (New York: Baker & Godwin, 1863): 42; from the Internet Archive,
Creator | David M. Barnes
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