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War, Civil Liberties, and Security Image Analysis Worksheet

This worksheet helps students to decode the images used in the War, Civil Liberties, and Security activity.

1) What type of document is this (photograph, political cartoon, poster, painting, etc.)? 

2) Look hard at the image for 2 minutes. Form an overall impression of it and then focus on individual items and elements. Using the prompts below, list some of the elements that caught your eye: 

words (labels, captions, etc.): 










3) Are any of those elements used as symbols (to represent an idea, person, or thing)? Which ones? What do they symbolize? 





4) Who created this document, and why? If you do not know, who might have created it? 




5) Did the creator try to convey a message? If so, what is that message? Did the creator use symbolism to convey it? Other techniques or elements? If not, is there an unintended message—something you can see in it or learn from it that the creator did not necessarily intend? 




8) Can you think of any people or groups who would have had a negative reaction to this document? Why? 




9) What questions does this document raise in your mind?




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