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"Five Points, 1827"

This print, by an unknown illustrator, is based on an earlier oil painting by the artist George Catlin (who later become famous for his portraits of Native Americans in the West). Like the original, the print depicts a street view of “Paradise Square” in the heart of the Five Points. The busy intersection of Anthony Street (now Worth), Orange Street (now Baxter), and Cross Street (now Park) is filled with many kinds of people and animals. By 1827, tourists from within and outside New York City came to the Five Points neighborhood, drawn by its reputation for poverty, crime, and vice.

Source | "Five Points, 1827," printed in Valentine's Manual (1855). 
Creator | Unknown
Rights | Courtesy Seymour B. Durst Old York Library, CUNY Graduate Center
Item Type | Poster/Print
Cite This document | Unknown, “"Five Points, 1827",” SHEC: Resources for Teachers, accessed October 23, 2021,

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