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New York State Census Page of Five Points, 1855

This page from the 1855 census for New York City's Sixth Ward, the home of the Five Points neighborhood, includes residents of two buildings. The notorious Five Points, formed by the intersections of Mulberry, Orange, Anthony, Cross, and Little Water streets, had by the mid-nineteenth century won a reputation as America's worst slum. The census shows the age, birthplace, occupation, years in New York, and household of each individual listed.

Source | James McDonough, "Population, Census of the Inhabitants in the Fifth Election District of the Sixth Ward of the City in the County of New York," New York, 1855.
Creator | NY State Census
Item Type | Quantitative Data
Cite This document | NY State Census, “New York State Census Page of Five Points, 1855,” SHEC: Resources for Teachers, accessed September 22, 2023,

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