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"Nicht spenden, Opfern (Don't give, Sacrifice)"

This 1930s-era Nazi poster translates as "Don't give, Sacrifice," to the Winterhilfswerk (Winter Aid), a Nazi party charity. The dire economic circumstances in Germany during the 1930s both facilitated the Nazis' rise to power and served as a focal point for expressions of German national unity, including the making of such personal "sacrifices" which were not always voluntary. Graphically, the poster retains some of the avant-garde style of Weimar-period art movements like Bauhaus. In subsequent years, such innovations were increasingly suppressed by the Nazi regime as "degenerate," and the more modernist styles of the 1930s were replaced by the "realism" of World War II-era Nazi propaganda.

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Source | "Nicht spenden, Opfern," 1930s, poster; from Calvin College online collection "Nazi Posters 1933-1945,"
Creator | Unknown
Item Type | Poster/Print
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