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The Towne of Pomeiooc

This engraving of the Indian village of Pomeiooc was based on a 1585 watercolor drawing by John White, who spent a little over a year on Roanoke Island as part of an expedition led by Sir Walter Raleigh to settle the Virginia colony. The illustration shows the wooden "longhouses" and circular palisade arrangement typical of the Algonquian peoples in the region. Although most of the structures are simply-constructed dwellings with roofs of matted reeds or bark, the cupola-like roof of the building marked "A," identified by Thomas Hariot as a temple of worship, suggests a more sophisticated architecture.

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Source | Theodor De Bry, based on watercolor by John White, The Towne of Pomeiooc, 1590, engraving, John Carter Brown Library, Brown University, from Virtual Jamestown,
Creator | Theodor De Bry
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