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An aged manne in his winter garment

Contrary to many later European depictions of Native Americans, the engravings of Thomas De Bry, based on earlier watercolors by John White, show that the Algonquian peoples the English encountered in Virginia had developed a complex and diversified society. This engraving of a dignified elder of the village of Pomeiooc suggests Algonquian refinements in clothing, housing construction, and agriculture. Such innovations later proved useful to the settlers at Jamestown, who relied on trade with the Powhatans and other Algonkian groups for survival.

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Source | Thomas De Bry (based on drawing by John White), "An aged manne in his winter garment," engraving, 1590, John Carter Brown Library, Brown University, from Virtual Jamestown,
Creator | Thomas De Bry
Item Type | Poster/Print
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