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The People of Ireland Ask the Irish in America to Support Abolition

This call for unity was written in Ireland by Irish and American abolitionists in the summer of 1841. The petition was eventually signed by 60,000 Irish men and women. Catholic abolitionists in Ireland wanted their countrymen in America to draw connections between slavery in the United States and Ireland's 18th-Century Penal Laws, which stripped Catholics of many civil rights.

DEAR FRIENDS: You are at a great distance from your native land! A wide expanse of water separates you from the beloved country of your birth.

The object of this address is to call your attention to the subject of SLAVERY IN AMERICA that foul blot upon the noble institution and the fair name of your adopted country.

Slavery is the most tremendous invasion of the natural, inalienable rights of man, and of some of the noblest gifts of God, 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.' All who are not for it must be against it. NONE CAN BE NEUTRAL.

America is cursed by slavery! WE CALL UPON YOU TO UNITE WITH THE ABOLITIONISTS, and never to cease your efforts until perfect liberty be granted to every one of her inhabitants, the black man as well as the white man.

JOIN WITH THE ABOLITIONISTS EVERYWHERE. They are the only consistent advocates of liberty. Tell every man that you do not understand liberty for the white man, and slavery for the black man; that you are for LIBERTY FOR ALL, of every color, creed, and country.

Irishmen and Irishwomen! Treat the colored people as your equals, as brethren. By your memories of Ireland, continue to love liberty hate slavery CLING BY THE ABOLITIONISTS and in America you will do honor to the name of Ireland.

Source | Charles Lenox Remond, et al., "Address from the People of Ireland to their Countrymen and Countrywomen in America," The Liberator, 25 March 1842.
Creator | Charles Lenox Remond
Item Type | Pamphlet/Petition
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