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This worksheet is part of the Jim Crow on Wheels activity about bus segregation in Montgomery, Alabama.

This short reading can help students and teachers understand the experience of riding segregated public transportation.

In this role-play activity, students act out a scene on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama prior to the famous bus boycott to learn how segregation operated on public transportation.

This activity introduces students to the term Jim Crow and the concept of legally mandated racial segregation.

From the 1880s to the mid 1960s, many states passed laws requiring the segregation [separation] of white and "colored" [African American] people. (African Americans were also referred to as Negroes at that time.) These laws ruled nearly all aspects…

In the fall of 1865, white southerners, most of them ex-Confederates and planters, won large majorities in local and state elections throughout the South. They quickly passed a series of restrictive laws, or Black Codes, which varied only slightly…

This worksheet helps students analyze three primary sources as part of the activity "African American Workers: Conflict on the Homefront."

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Seattle's black population was segregated into the area known as the Central District through both de jure and de facto methods. Restrictive racial covenants written into housing deeds prevented blacks, Asians, Jews, and Native Americans from being…

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Chicago's School Board insisted that its overcrowded schools were not segregated and that there was no pattern of discrimination against black students. Activists in the 1950s and 1960s produced numerous reports that proved otherwise, documenting…

Photographers working for the Farm Security Administration Historical Section (later transferred to the Office of War Information) were encouraged to document continuity and change in many aspects of life in America during the years the unit was in…
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