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Flyer Project


  • Students will be able to identify laborers’ motivations to boycott grape consumption and their appeals to consumers during the UFW grape boycott.
  • Students will be able to create their own flier demonstrating a persuasive argument for the need to fix the Flint water crisis.


Step 1: Students individually circle the two most convincing elements of the argument made in the primary source titled “Farm Workers Warn About Dangers of Pesticides” in favor of the grape boycott.

Step 2: In groups of 2-3, students discuss what each person circled and why they found them convincing.

Step 3: Teacher leads a class discussion about the contents of the flier.

Step 4: Introduce and discuss the recent history of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan and the impact of lead in water. This link from the Natural Resources Defense Council contains the relevant context.

Step 5: Invite students to imagine that they were designing a call-to-action flier to resolve the Flint water crisis. Students work in their small groups to create their own flier using a mixture of images and text to develop a concise and persuasive argument.

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